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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Olympic knitting?

I just entered my first knit along. YAY!!! Yarnharlot is hosting this and I am excited to do it. I posted my "entry" bellow. And here is Yarnharots link.

I have never done anything like this but it seems fun and I think I am ready for my first knitting challenge. I have been off and on knitting for 4 years but I am pretty much a beginer..In fact today I am dealing with my first double pointed needles..My biggest knitting challenge is that I am impatient I pick small projects I can finish in a few day max (hats, scarfs, potholders, dishcloths and the occasional teddy bear). So I am going to try a baby blanket, not super hard for most but it will be a challenge for me to stick with it and not move on to another project, Plus I want to do a big one so it should take me the whole time to finish. I have 2 patterns I am toying with A striped garter stitch blanket done in strips and another garter stitch blanket that looks like one of the dishcloth patterns I use. It is knit on the diagonal lots of increasing and then decreasing.(I am very proud of my newly learned yarn overs)


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